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Charles BulmanThe speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Kendal on 22nd August was one of their own members, Rotarian Charles Bulman, who gave his 'My Job' talk.

Charles is the recently retired 'Ear, Nose and Throat' Consultant from the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and Westmorland General Hospital. He explained how he trained as a doctor at St. Thomas's Hospital in 1963 and eventually specialising, in his own words, as the 'bit between the brain and the chest'.

During his time as a specialist, he explained how he was involved with the Cochlear Implant team in its very early days as well as instigating 'Voice Restoration Valve' surgery in the north of England.


The Rotary Foundation

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President Richard and Kadaba VasudevThe speaker on 15th August was Kadaba Vasudev, District Foundation Chairman from the Rotary Club of Blackpool Palatine who gave a presentation explaining the complexities of ‘The Rotary Foundation’.

The Rotary Foundation is a rather confusing name for the Rotary International Charitable Trust, or in other words Rotary’s own Charity. He outlined the main aims; ‘World Understanding’, ‘Goodwill’, and ‘Peace’ through improving health, supporting education and alleviating poverty.

He then itemised in detail the various programmes designed to achieve these aims, and also how the Foundation was funded. He, of course, mentioned the current project, ‘Polio Plus’, which is committed to eradicating Polio from the world and just how close we are in succeeding.


The Quirky Traveller

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Zoe Dawes

The speaker on the Monday 8th August lunchtime meeting was Zoe Dawes aka 'The Quirky Traveller' who gave an enlightening talk entitled 'Travel Writing Tips'. In this she outlined how to become involved in creative writing with particular reference to travel.

My Job - Celia Cartwright

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Celia CartwrightThe speaker at the Rotary Club of Kendal on 1st August was Celia Cartwright, one of our newest members, who gave her 'My Job' talk.

Celia who is currently the Minister of the Unitarian Chapel in Kendal, outlined her life from when she was born in Lancashire, "at an early age" in her own words, up to the present day.

The Rotary Convention 2011 in New Orleans

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New Orleans logoOn 18 July club member Roger Siddle spoke of his visit to the 102nd Convention of Rotary International held in New Orleans. Mention was made of the effects of Hurricane Katrina when in August 2005,80% of New Orleans was flooded with some parts under 15ft of water. It was ironic that at the time of the Convention in May 2011, New Orleans was again experiencing flooding.