Flood Appeal

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Collection & Donations Amount Specific Donations
Street Collection (in our buckets) £3,305.60
Collection at Booths £1,939.96
Levens Choir Carol Singing £468.13
Collection at ASDA £825.29 Kendal Relief in Need Fund
Donation from our Charity Account £500.00
K Shoes Pensioners Club £250.00
Other (local) donations £310.00
RC of Chicester £2,000.00
RC of Chichester Priory £1,000.00
RC of Hemel Hempstead £1,000.00
Our and District 1190 funds £700.00 Kendal Food Bank - baby food, requisites & clothing
Via Kendal Rotary Club (plus) £12,298.98
KSW Street Collection £3,681.30
KSW Club Donation £2,000.00
Total via the two Rotary Clubs £17,980.28


  • Apart from the two specific donations noted above, all the remainder has been sent to the Cumbria Community Foundation, ring-fenced for use in Kendal and area.
  • President Martin heard from Rotary Clubs in Chichester who kindly sent donations to us. We do know that many other Clubs have sent donations to District 1190.
  • A huge thank you to everyone who helped with our Club's effort. Particular thanks go to: Peter A. Smith (overall coordination), Roger Downing (treasurer), Peter W.D. Smith (Booths and ASDA collections), Angie Biggs and Jennifer Crossley (Levens Choir collection). 
  • The Kendal Flood was 75cm higher than the previous record in 1898.