3 Counties Challenge

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See our web site devoted to the 3 Counties Challenge.

What a day, lovely weather at last, and good support again. It's beginning to feel comfortable, I'm so grateful that key members who helped, especially those who continued with established roles.

The finishFirstly - the results, whilst total numbers (187 riders each paying £25 or £20) are still disappointing, that will bring us about £2,000 with all costs covered. We are grateful to cypherdigital (Milnthorpe) for continuing to sponsor us with the production of the maps and numbers. We await the results of individual sponsorships for the Cancer Care 25 mile ride; with 30 riders, it only needs a small number to bring useful returns.

Big thanks go to those who helped to make it a success. It was a relief that Roger Siddle took over the website, we now have a much firmer foundation for future years. Richard Mathews managed the accounts and food provisions superbly again, and he has agreed to continue with the food arrangements for next year. Trevor Hughes did the work on updating the maps and directions and Peter Smith managed the car parking at Dallam School.

By the water ..Special thanks go again to those who staffed the outstations, Angie Biggs at Dent (helped by Roger S) where we were supported again by ladies of the Women's Institute. Rodger and Jennifer Read at Hornby, Martin Jayne and Colin Reynolds at Watermillock and Ken and Hazel Gibson and Jeff and Ann Pimblett at Kirkstone, they deserved a fine day at last.

Martin J had also designed and set out the 25 mile route markers, and managed to fit in a service at Carlisle Cathedral on Sunday morning (wow). Angie and Roger S also recovered the 60 mile route markers. Then thanks to all members who did the odds and sods jobs on registration, marshalling etc, we couldn't do it without you.

Special thanks will go to non-Rotary helpers, Ted and Chris Bowness, plus friends (and plus Upper Eden RC helpers) for staffing the refreshments at Soulby village hall.

I should not forget my own huge thanks to David Oates for managing the final stages of preparation etc when I realised I would not be able to be available on the day. David also put out route markers on the 109 mile ride on the Saturday.Three riders

Finally, it's been a pleasure to work with our partners Bruce Bames and Richard Belk from Kent Valley Road Club.

There will be a meeting of the 3CC committee soon, to round up the finances and donations and recommendations for next year. This year has been a bad year for many Cyclosportives, ours is one of the few to have some success, we get super ratings from riders. It's bound to come good soon, with 400 riders we'd be up to £6000,